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Aja Parker—superior fit, ultimate journey

We're Aja Parker. We are the welcoming warriors of faith-forward fashion—an inclusive activewear brand founded in faith and grounded in wellbeing.

We are guided by the principles of God's grace. Confidence is our gospel.

We forever embrace the diversity of humanity. We are divinely bold and live by the ethos that kindness is always in fashion. We encourage a climate of deliberate inclusion. An environment where all are valued and everyone wins, regardless of creed or religious belief.

We are a grassroots activewear brand. We support you, our brand ambassadors, and celebrate the opportunity to form meaningful connections.

You don't need to be Christian to love our clothes but let us introduce the pioneering woman behind the brand.

Initially inspired by a desire to leave a legacy for her daughters, founder Shanelle Jimenez was driven by her purpose to connect through health, fashion, and faith. Today, Shanelle is guided by a higher power, a desire to please God. Devotion led Shanelle to share the gift of God’s grace in everything she does.

Let us wear our inner greatness—that mission is the driving force behind women’s activewear brand Aja Parker. A unique collection of superior-fit clothing that helps us to live our best physical, emotional, and spiritual lives—a faith-driven fashion brand that looks as good in the gym as on the street. Because when you look this good on the outside, you feel even better on the inside. Let's journey forward in excellence and be diligent with our health.

Let us remember who we are and what we stand for. Because when we unite, we find the conviction to wear our confidence.

Be kind. Be healthy. Be YOU! 

Aja Parker—faith-driven fashion, universally enjoyed. Let the style define you!